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Monday, October 23, 2006

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Poker

Things have been insanely busy of late. Work has me going non-stop, and part of my evenings are spent in front of the poker machine doing non-pokery things, like proposals, presentations, and pornography. Wait, not the last one.

I did find an hour or two this past weekend to play a little bit on Full Tilt. I've run my $10 on there to $35 last week to just a bit under $80 currently. Not too shabby for $.05/$.10 poker.

Had a blast the other night playing for pennies with Parx, Joanne, and Kat. We ended up distributing the money pretty evenly I think, and the My Little Pony chat was delicious.

Hopefully, I can hook up with some broggerly goodness tonight for a bit and unwind from yet another gruelling day trying to sell laundry.


Saturday, October 14, 2006

As a sort of "Fuck You" to the Frist me in the Bush while in Cheneys cartel, I decided to drop $50 into my Full Tilt account a good eight hours after Mr. Strategery signed the "Port Security Bill".

That's right. I'm a rule breaker. I'm a loner, Dottie, a rebel. Bonus points to anyone who can name that movie without the help of a search engine.

I took the $10 I left on Noble and ran it up to about $35 playing .02/.04 poker and Swanseas before getting a "You are not authorized to play this shit because they passed a bill that we're scared of disobeying..."

So, I took my ball and went home.

I cashed out and put my mad cash at Full Tilt.


It's autumn here in Horicon, and I have a constant chubby. Last night, there were cops everywhere, lights flashing, zooming around town. I thought maybe someone had been shot in a lover's quarrel, or maybe they were doing preventative terrorist training (in Horicon, WI...population 3K and some change...yeah, they'd do it).

No such luck. Instead, the cops were making sure that every man, woman, child and car were off the streets to make way for the Horicon Homecoming Parade. The parade was travelling to the football field, where the undefeated Horicon Marshmen were looking to continue their unbeaten ways.

They did.

It was pandemonium. People were taking loudly in the streets, and...that's about it.

God, I love small towns.

The smell of dead and decaying leaves and grass in the air. Beautiful, corn-fed young men and women obsessed with nothing but winning this football game, who they may kiss after the game, and really, nothing else.

My daughter had her first play date at our house today. It's a pretty big deal. We're outsiders, you know. To have these people trust us with their kid, when they really don't know us at all is pretty cool.

From my point of view, it was basically Lord of the Fucking Flies. My kids were all riled up because there was another kid there. Seriously, they were blowing into a fucking conch shell and everything. I had to leave to go "shop for lawnmowers".

Or something.


I am loving my new job. It fucking rocks. Period.


I just played some .05/.10 with Mr. Parx on Full Tilt and came away well over $20 in the black. Buh bah buh bah baaaaaah, I'm lovin' it.



Ick really does wear panties. He told me himself while he was playing the $15K on Full Tilt.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Wanted: Dead or Alive

So, I haven't said my .01/.02 on this whole online-gambling-is-now-illegal bullshit.

It sucks.

There. That's what I think.

Besides signing up at various places to petition, and emailing senators, I'm not sure there's much to be done in the short term. Once the dust settles, and the poker players/attorneys get a good look at the language of the law, I'm sure loopholes will be found. I hope loopholes will be found.

For now, I've pulled most of my cash from the sites I play on. I left $10 apiece on Full Tilt, Poker Stars and Noble. I'll keep playing with that money until I go busto, get banned from playing, or until the FBI shows up at my door and takes me to Guantanamo Bay to torture me into telling them how I ran a full house into quad threes for a $6 loss.

It could happen.

I'm just looking forward to being stripped naked by an angry lesbian, having a burlap sack put over my head, being forced into compromising poses for fun photo ops, and having my picture spread across the internet.

I'll bet my hits on Stat Tracker would go through the roof.

But I'm going to keep playing. If the Bush gang really has a problem with me playing .05/.10 NL poker for swings of ones of dollars at a time, let them come at me.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Talk to the Hand

(click to enlarge)

I think I played this hand pretty well.

I put him on either AT or QT, and when he pushed on the river, I knew he had hit his straight and was drawing dead.

Some of you may question my betting pattern on this hand, but you don't often flop a full house, and I was hoping someone would try to take a stab at it on the turn or the river.

Which they did...in a big way.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Your 2006 AL Central Division CHAMPS!!

HELLZ, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring on Speaker's AA, pot-smoking, beard sporting, elephant logo having, ugly ass uniform wearing A's!