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Thursday, December 03, 2009

A HORSE Apiece

I probably should have saved the pic of Gisele on a horse for this post, but maybe Taylor Swift riding a fake horse will do.

So. yeah. Now I'm distracted. And YES, she's over 18 you pervs.

Where was I? Ah yes, poker or something.

The H.O.R.S.E. SnG experiment continues to go pretty well, pokery-wise. I have won a bunch more than I've lost, and am really getting tuned into the game.

My major downfall is still Omaha H/L. I think I know exactly what I'm doing, and then I get pummeled and ass kicked to the point of having an M of about -3.5.

But I always come back. Always. Last night, of the three HORSE SnGs I played I was down to about about 150 chips. I came back and won one and finished second in the other (don't ask about the third one).

Why? Because I am the best fucking Razz player ever. EVER.

OK, maybe not ever, but that and Stud H/L are my two money games. I can go from zero to hero in about 15 hands. No lie.

I also had the distinct pleasure of playing with (and felting!) BamBam. It was fun chatting with a fellow D-List blogger in the chat. It was even more fun busting him.

Good luck at the tables my friends, and may all your pots be fat and juicy like mine! LOLOL!!!