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Monday, October 23, 2006

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Poker

Things have been insanely busy of late. Work has me going non-stop, and part of my evenings are spent in front of the poker machine doing non-pokery things, like proposals, presentations, and pornography. Wait, not the last one.

I did find an hour or two this past weekend to play a little bit on Full Tilt. I've run my $10 on there to $35 last week to just a bit under $80 currently. Not too shabby for $.05/$.10 poker.

Had a blast the other night playing for pennies with Parx, Joanne, and Kat. We ended up distributing the money pretty evenly I think, and the My Little Pony chat was delicious.

Hopefully, I can hook up with some broggerly goodness tonight for a bit and unwind from yet another gruelling day trying to sell laundry.