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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gone Daddy Gone

I've been away from my family. Not physically, perhaps, but certainly mentally and emotionally.

As much as it's nice to be working again, the new training schedule that my new job has is rather gruelling. Nothing a few Bacardi and cokes won't cure, but gruelling all the same.

This morning, for instance, I was up at 4 o'fucking clock in the morning to get to work by 5am to go on a route ride with with one of our route reps (code term for 'driver').

Ugh. After 3 months of waking up whenever the hell I wanted to, 4am comes awfully early.

I got home around 1pm, but have been an absolute zombie all day. I feel like a virgin at a strip club: eyes glazed, mouth askew, drool creeping from the corners of my mouth.

I'm in a daze. I'm crabby. I snap at the kids. Have conversations with my wife that I don't remember having 15 minutes later. It...uh...sorta sucks.

The job itself is going swimmingly. I'm learning a lot, getting to know my co-workers, and basically getting myself ingratiated to the corporate machine. A fellow sales schmuck had a come-to-jesus meeting with me yesterday on the way to a presentation meeting, basically giving me the low-down on everything that was wrong with the company I'm working for (oh, I sell laundry, by the way...ask if you dare). It wasn't even remotely eye opening. I could see most of it from my first day on the job, and a lot of it was shit I was used to from working rental service sales with Audio Visual companies of the past. Sales vs. Service...same old shit.

No biggie.

ACTUAL POKER CONTENT: Just finish busting EVERYONE (and I mean EVERONE) at my 6 max .05/.10 table for a profit of $16.45 in about a half an hour. I forgive Full Tilt for any wrong doing yesterday. END POKER CONTENT.

Back to my point. I need a routine. A schedule. Something that's different everyday, gives me a variety of different people and experiences day-to-day, but with somewhat regular hours. Everything is constantly changing during this transition period, and it's wearing me out (I'm 34 for chrissakes, change=baaaad).

Anyway, haven't posted any real-life stuff in awhile, and thought I'd get something down on virtual paper, so when my kids need to see a day-in-the-life of good ol' pops, all they have to do is scan their barcode, tab over to 'dad' and see this entry.


Blogger Wolverine Fan said...

Don't know about you but I take a 15 Minute Power nap in afternoon when I have to be up by 5A for work and that gets me through rest of the day.

Or just don't go to bed and play that late night MTT you always see scheduled but have to go to bed for work and can never play it.

9/28/06, 10:26 PM  
Blogger BrainMc said...

A virgin at a strip club? Who is old enough to go to a strip club and still is a virgin? LOL.

9/29/06, 2:18 PM  

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