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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Forgive me, Father, for it has been 6 days since my last blog post. I have also had 4,323,983 impure thoughts and "flogged the bishop" 9 times.


Things be busy, yo. Getting kids ready for school, signing purchase agreements, inspection contracts, amendments to purchase agreements, farting, interviewing for jobs, etc. can be very taxing. I know, I know, I should sleep more, it's much easier on my constitution.

We're heading back to the Twin Cities on 8/18/06 to prepare for our 8/24/06 closing. This means a lot of cleaning and moving, and other hernia busting activities. Closed caption to Tim, call me on 8/19 and we'll throw some burgers on, drink some beers and shoot the shit.

I have had time to play some cards. Both very shorthanded live games. Lost out on one (one rebuy), and took down the other (again, one rebuy). Since both games had unlimited rebuys, and because of how few people there were playing, the booty got to actually be pretty high. The first game I played, one guy bought in four times for $10, and lost it all. We all ended up losing to this guy who seemingly has a horshoe tattoed on both ass cheeks and pubic hair that grows in patches of four leaf clovers. This guy is the new fucking Luckbox.

The second game was only three handed, but was fun, with timeouts for smokes, beers, and bullshitting. We started at 9pm and the last hand was dealt around 2:30am. I took that one down for a staggering profit of $15.00. W00T!

Off to pick up the kids from Vacation Bible School, yo.

I know, I know...


Blogger TripJax said...

say three hail mary's, flog one more bishop, then get to writing your next post sir.

8/8/06, 1:32 PM  
Blogger slb159 said...

Lol at your comment on Ick's post...I absolve you of your sins.

8/8/06, 5:19 PM  
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Blogger Heavy Critters said...

Trip, done...DONE...and gimme a day or two.

slb, sorry I've been absent from the girlie chat/NL ring games. Thingz been busies.

anon, don't make me turn on the fucking word verification...

8/8/06, 7:16 PM  
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