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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I am SO on massive, evil-robot-chubby tilt right now.

After signing up on Full Tilt, I started running really well in both cash games and the MTT's I was playing.

Until tonight.

I seriously haven't been on this bad of tilt in months and months.

Bad beat after bad beat.

Hit my set? Get called to the river by a guy who hits his runner runner flush.

Hit my straight? Get nailed by a higher straight (again on the river).

I couldn't catch a fucking break.

I dropped 2 1/2 buy-ins before I slapped myself silly and logged out (Dronkey P would have played four more hours and lost 8 more buy-ins, but I'm stone sober).

I hope this isn't one of those stretches where everything goes to shit for a few weeks.

And yes, I'm well aware I owe all you bitches a dollar.

Fuck poker right in the ear, jizz moneys.

At least the Twins are going to the post season. It's not much, but it's something. I hope to God we can take the division and play Speaker's Little League team out west...


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