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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Big Ups

Big thanks to SirFWALGMan for the tip on Titan Poker. It really is a gold mine. I've been playing the micro-limit 12 player SnGs and have cashed in all but one, winning about 60% of them. It's a nice little bump to my payroll, and good place to practice the aggression I've been lacking in $5 and up SnG's. My apologies to SirFWALGMan, however, for screwing him over forgetting to pimp him when I signed up.

Also a big thanks to Ryan from Absinthe's Troubles for taking time from killing pros in his live game out of his schedule to give me some pointers. As someone who is still eagerly learning and studying this game, I appreciate the help.

Last night's WWdN:iX tourney was fun, although I found myself card dead for a long stretch of time. 91 people signed up, and I got knocked out in the middle of the pack at 45th. At least I had a good time...

My favorite moment of the night (or not) was getting dealt The Hammer TM in middle position and popping it to $400 (blinds were $25/$50 at this point, I believe). WillWonka popped me back, and I went all in. He was holding pocket Queens, cracked my Hammer, and left me crippled. At least I had the cujones to go all the way with it. (Sidebar story: two hands earlier I folded the Hammer pre-flop and the flop came down 772...daaaaamn).

I tightened up, doubled up, and then went card dead. I had an M of -74, and I pushed with something god awful (I should really remember these things...) and got knocked out. I usually tilt a bit in these situations, even if I know defeat is coming, but was strangely calm (thanks, Red Stripe!), so I decided to head over to Titan and crush the micro-limit SnG tables. I played one 12 player, $2 buy-in, and won, netting $10. Then played a 6 person SnG and won. It was a $1 buy-in, and at one point, I wanted to see how fishy the table was and was dealt 98o in the BB. Called around to me, and I check. Flop comes down 9x7, so I decide "what the hell" and push. One caller, who I have covered by about 75 chips, and he flips KK. Oh well. At least I know there's some trickery and slowplay, even at those limits. The good news was that I took that $75 in chips and won the damn thing. I got dealt some good cards, had a few suckouts, and within about 20 minutes was back to the chip lead and stayed there.

Hey, at least I covered my WWdN buy-in.

Now that I've got the hang of how Titan works, I'm going to tackle the $5 and $10 SnG's and see if the waters are as fishy there.

Thanks again to the two mentioned above, and to anyone else who swings by this blog and reads my mindless drivel.


Blogger BigMike said...

I was perusing BoyGenius comment section and saw your boast that you could outdrink Alcanthang and Daddy combined. Care to make a wager?

3/1/06, 6:20 PM  
Blogger Bloody P said...

I may make a wager. SoCo is out, though.

We'd need to make it an approved drink by both parties. Then...bring. it. on!!!!!!!1

3/1/06, 9:29 PM  
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