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Thursday, February 23, 2006

SnG's and Me

Maybe I should change my name to "Bubble P", cuz that's all I've been doing lately. At the $5 and $10 SnG tables, I've had some junk sodomizing beats in the past few days; pocket kings getting cracked by a low rivered straight, lost KKK66 boat to a KKKJJ boat (how many times do you really see full house over full house?), set over set (QQ beat by slowplayed KK), etc.

I'm thinking of abandoning the whole 10 person SnG thang as a whole. I've been running well in big MTT's, and might start making that the focus of my play.

I accidentally bought into a $5+.50 rebuy tournament the other night and played pretty well, even though I HATE rebuys. Top 20 were in the money, and I finished in 54th out of 247 players when my Hilton Sisters ran into AKs and the guy flopped the nut flush. I was chip leader in this tourney at one point, but went card dead for close to an hour, just raising to protect my big blind, and occaissionally stealing the blinds, since my table image was tight enough to steal with such powerhouses as 76o, Q2s, etc.

My nickel bankroll had grown to almost $97 at one point, but I've pissed away half of it in SnGs.

My new motto: Freerolls, freerolls, freerolls. MTTs, MTTs, MTTs.


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