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Friday, February 10, 2006

I Entered a Freeroll And All I Got Was This Stupid $10.00

Entered Holdem Poker's Daily Freeroll Wednesday night to get some much needed practice on my MTT skillz.

1220 entrants overall. I finished 16th.

Not too shabby. I was 2nd in chips at one point with 2o people left, so 16th is sort of like making out with your sister on ecstacy.

I went from hero to zero when I when my QQ ran into QTs (guy went all in post-flop on a Jxx board)and the guy runner-runner'd a straight on my to take my stack from about $115K to $27K. Ouchy. If he wouldn't have hit that straight, I would have almost doubled up and been chip leader. Could have basically folded my way to the final table. But NOOOOOOO, the poker gods decided that letting me hit the flop hard with Ax almost every hand I played and giving me back-to-back KK's twice in a game should end. I was smited. I was Job.

Had to push with any two once the blinds got up to 4K/6K, and got knocked out in 16th for a $10 credit to my account and a sense of accomplishment/tilt.

Good practice though, and I was happy with the results overall.

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