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Monday, February 06, 2006

Vegas, Etc.

I've been one big bad beat story of late. My junk is now unrecognizable due to the constant football-cleated kicking it has taken the past three days.

I was playing "break-even" in the $5 and $10 SNGs on Holdempoker.com until this weekend. Then I scored only one first place finish in about 15 SNGs played. I finished third once, and then bubbled out on 8 or 9 of the other ones. That's right. ONE out of the money. Wah, wah, wah. That's poker, I guess. Dammit.

Harrington on Hold 'em Vol.1 came in the mail on Friday afternoon, and I immediate started to devour it. I'm about halfway through with it and it's hand down the best poker book I've read. The "problems" that he quizzes you on at the end of each chapter is worth the price of admission alone. Ironically, I had read the book for about an hour, fired up the poker machine and hit that first place finish I mentioned earlier. Coincidence? You be the judge.

Vegas was a blur. Lots of beer, some poker and more beer. Highlights and lowlights:

1. Sitting down with my buddy Josh at a $50 buy-in $1/$1/$2 NL table at the Luxor and standing up 10 minutes later on the worst beat of the weekend. Delivered by Josh. Story:

I look down to find AKo UTG. I bet out $12. Josh is to my immediate left. He raises all-in. I think about it, then push to call. Josh flips JJ. I cringe.

The flop comes down a lovely xKK. I've got him where I want him, with only 2 outs left to beat me. Yes, me hardies, he turned a boat with a Jack. I stood up, blinked, and then went straight to the bar.


2. Just entering the $30+$3 Limit/No Limit tournament at the Luxor was a bad beat. What a screwy format (that was unexplained) and you started out with $500 in chips and 10/20 blinds. It didn't get to NL until the final table. I'm terrible at Limit poker and was out fairly quickly. If you're counting at home, that's $33.00 for two "free" beers while playing.

3. Good beat story: My bags are packed and at my feet while I sit in the same NL table that my buddy knocked me out on. My flight is leaving in 3 hours. I'm seeing nothing for about 1/2 hour, when I announce to the table that this will be my last hand because I have to get to the airport. The cards are dealt and I look down at AQo. Sweet. I bet out and get one caller. Flop comes down JxT. Me sort of likey. Gutshot straight draws are always alright (no, they're not, but at this point, I didn't care). I check, caller checks. Turn comes down a beautiful King. Huzzah! Another pound for the king! I push. Caller thinks about it and pushes as well. He flips ATo, I flip my nut straight and the expression on his face is that of someone getting kicked in the junk while watching their puppy get run over by a car. I thank the table, grab my $82 and head to the cashier.

So, I was basically even on the poker scene, but dropped $20 on slots while waiting for Josh to finish up his tourney/table/whatever throughout the weekend. The free beer during the wait was good, so no complaints.

And that's how I came back from Vegas only down $20.


Blogger StB said...

If Harrington doesn't improve your tourney game, nothing will.

Excellent book. You will need to get Vol 2 as well.

2/9/06, 7:38 AM  
Blogger Heavy Critters said...

Yeah, I'm planning on it. I'm in "baby steps" mode on the whole poker thing: smallish bankroll, smaller buy-ins.

Thanks for checking me out. I read your blog all the time. Especially liked the church poker game entry.

2/10/06, 8:47 AM  
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