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Monday, January 23, 2006


(This is an older post I submitted at a different site, but thought it would be a good start here)

Being relatively new at online poker play, my confidence takes swings bigger than my chip stacks at the NL tables. I was on top of the world this past weekend, playing ring games and making my (tiny) bankroll swell from roughly $10 to $50 and some change.

The I got the crap kicked out of me, went on tilt, played terribly (loose/aggressive), and lost $25 of my $50 in about a half hour in a couple of NL ring games. Ouch.

Obviously, I don't have the bankroll of Suck Out or Chris Halverson or whoever, as I'm just starting out in the poker process and want to keep my wins and losses low for the time being. That said, even these small financial losses at the tables shakes my confidence something fierce.

Last night, I decided to take a break from ringing it, and entered a NL $5 + $.50 SNG on Hold 'em Poker. I've played quite a few of these over the past few weeks and have done fairly well. I've gotten knocked around a couple times, but overall, I'm usually in the money, finishing 2nd or 3rd. The endgame is what usually knocks me on my ass, because I'm still playing very tight with only one or two players left hacking away at my chip stack/blinds.

Last night, however, I ended my "always the bridesmaid, never the bride" mode of SNG's by taking down my premier first place finish. And it felt good. Real good. Seeing the window pop up saying "Congratulations! You have won the tournament. $25 will be added to your account." or whatever it says gave me a little tingle in the swimsuit area. I'd finally broken the seal.

I won the tourney by getting pocket rockets pre-flop and enticing my opponent to go all in with his short stack. I'd been blinding away at him for about 10 minutes, but when I got the near nuts, I raised his chip stack (which was about 1/3 of mine) and he called.

Beauty, mate.

After walking around the house preening like I had just won the WSOP, I decided that I was on a hell of run, so why not play another SNG? I threw in my $5+ and started it up.

This time notsogood. I couldn't catch any cards, and it was a pretty tight table. Long story short, I got in the money when someone went all in with a J4o against the chip leader who was hold (I believe) QQ. Bye bye. Thanks for the monies.

I got kicked out in third place when I was dealt K10s. There was a whole lotta checking going on. The flop was Xs-Xs-Xo. All I needed was one more spade. I was literally chanting "one more spade! one more spade!" in my kitchen.

The turn came. Heart. SHIT. Another round of checking.

The river turns over a 8s. Praise be to Allah and the baby Jesus! A King high flush! I push all in hoping that someone has the Qs or Js or whatever and challenges me. I get one taker.

Yeah, he had the Ace.


Oh well, $25 profit for about an hour and a half of work ain't too shabby for this newbie. I'll take it.

And the confidence to boot.


Blogger Jenny's Boy said...

Yeah I played for about 8 hours the other day since i was home sick from work. I won $40. Followed quickly by losing $50. Damn...

1/25/06, 11:06 AM  
Blogger Heavy Critters said...

That's been my play the past couple days. What I've been doing is getting booted on the bubble two $5 SNGs and then getting in the money in a $10 SNG to either break even, or be up just a bit.

It truly sucks.

1/25/06, 1:09 PM  
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