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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

2.7.06 WWdN Tourney

I played in the Wil Wheaton dot Net weekly tournament on Poker Stars last night and played pretty well. In a tournament filled with people who wax much more philosophical than I do on poker and it's junk-kicking nuances, I felt like a boy among men (and women).

I decided just to play my game. Go tight aggressive until the very end. For the most part, it worked. I made it to the one our break with slightly less than the average stack, which I considered a success in and of itself.

Then the blinds started going up. Fast. 100/200, then suddenly (it seemed) 200/400. I was card dead. I think I saw 82o about every other hand that was dealt to me. I stole a couple blinds here and there with marginal holdings (A7o, KJo), but was slowly getting blinded down (not to mention, there were some expert blind stealers in the hizzouse-I'm looking in Maigrey's general direction).

I was in the BB when I woke up to find 77. Not the greatest, but not the worst. Plus, the table had tightened up considerably after the first break. I wanted to double up, so I hoped the sphincter would open and fart chips my way. Or a least a little toot and grab the blinds.

I pushed.


One caller. Ad10c. And we're off to the races!

Flop comes down all rags with two diamonds and a spade. Turn is the Qd, and with one card left I'm ahead. I'm literally screaming at the monitor: "NO ACE NO TEN NO DIAMOND NO ACE NO TEN NO DIAMOND!!!!!!!"

Turn is a rag of diamonds and this guy hits his four card diamond flush Ace high.

Son of Mary Stuart Masterston!!!! Out in 22nd place.

I think it was the right decision to push in late position with a dwindling chip stack, but it was still a heartbreaker. In my mind, finishing 22nd and lasting longer than the Up For Poker crew, Wil Wheaton himself, and a bunch of other blogging notables, should be celebration enough in itself.


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