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Friday, February 17, 2006

Jesus is the Caboose

"Jesus is the Caboose"
-Wrigley, 2 1/2 years old, playing 'trains' with my wife's nail polish.

I don't where that kid gets some of this crap, but man, it's funny.

I played another MTT last night. Holdempoker.com's $4K frenzy. $2 buy-in, a max of 1000 entrants, and it filled up fast.

I emailed my friend Josh before the tourney started:

I think I may have a pretty good shot at getting in the money. The top 130 pay, with first place paying out about $900. Not that I'll win, but I think I may be able to get into the top 50 or better.

It was a rebuy, so the first hour went buy excrutiatingly slowly. I felt like I had just finished beating off watching porn, and was forced to sit down and watch the rest of the movie. That's how slow things were moving.

But, the hour finally passed, everyone did their rebuys (including moi), and we headed into the wonderful world of the not-so-elusive Push Monkey. People were pushing with the worst shit I had ever seen. T4o, 22, anything to try to double up. I played my standard tight/aggressive (maybe a little overly tight) game.

Finally we got down to about 200 players, and were able to actually play poker. By this time, I has hovering right around the average stack mark. I stayed that way until I ran into a hand that put me on a rush for a spell. My AQo ran into 66, and I was beat until I sucked out with a Q on the river.


I ended up just above the average the average stack after a few bad beats until I decided to go against conventional wisdom and slowplayed a pair of Aces pre-flop. I hit my set on the flop (AKx) and check-raised my way into just about tripling up (against a set of slowplayed Kings and Ax).

Then came a time of great sorrow and gnashing of teeth. In biblical times, it was called the great Card Dead era:

And 94o, begat 93o, begat K2o, begat 43o, begat 58o, begat begat begat begat begat begat...

For over an hour and a half. I bluffed my way into a few blinds here and there, just to stay above water, but it sucked. It was like trying to put your hand on a girl's breast over and over and her putting back in your lap. You want to do something, but you just can't.

Finally, I hit my favorite AQ again. I pushed with $24K in chips. I got two callers (one all in, one had me covered) and thought sure I was in huge trouble until I saw their hands. I was called with AJ0 and KTs. I hit a Q on the flop and didn't look back.

OK, if I'm bored of this recap, so are you.

Long story short: I pushed with (you guessed it) AQ and ran into 77. I didn't improve and got knocked out in 21st place.

I only won a little over $30 for my 3+ hours of work, but I'm starting to get more and more confident in my MTT skillz.

I like this free or low-buy MTTs, because I'm putting little or nothing at risk and have been reaping pretty good rewards. $4 (with rebuy) to win over $30 is ok in my book.

I'm becoming the Poker Grub of micro MTTs, me thinks.


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