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Friday, February 17, 2006

First MTT Win

Holdempoker.com has a "mini-freeroll" every day. Top 10 pays, winner gets a whopping $25.00 for wading through an hour of 'all ins' and blind structures that double every three minutes. I fired it up and figured it would be good practice, and to find the holes in my game.

Well, I won the thing. 491 entrants, T-1500 in chips, and messed up blinds. Amazing.

The blind structure was freaking CRAZY. Every 3 minutes. The last hand was $30K/$60K blinds. Once I hit the final table, I got really aggressive, picking up the blinds about twice an orbit, because everyone was afraid of just winning $2.50 (prize for 8-10). Then I got a great run of cards, knocked out two people at one time, and just kept rolling against a weak player who I ended up getting a lot of donations from. I didn't even really have to play heads up against my final opponent, because the guy was all in with the high blinds and I had 99% of the chips. He happened to have pocket 7s. I had ATs and got a break when I caught an Ace on the flop and he didn't improve. Winner, Bloody P.

I played tight/aggressive the whole time until the final table. Picking my spots and doing some trapping early, doubling up against fishy competition when I hit two pair or a set on the flop. I made a couple of mistakes with my raises (or lack thereof) from time to time, but overall was really happy with my game.

Last night I played four $5 SnGs and cashed in NONE of them (I had cashed in 3 out of 4 the night before, winning one). So this was a nice little confidence boost for me.

I still can't believe it. To make the final table is one thing, but to win it is crazy.


Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Congrats! At least you won the damn thing. heh.

2/17/06, 2:33 PM  
Blogger Heavy Critters said...

Thanks, still a poker newbie, but have been cashing more and more lately. I thank Harrington, Gordon, Miller and LOTS of divorce-worthy practice.

Again, loved your post today. Well played, sir!

2/17/06, 2:46 PM  
Blogger ScurvyDog said...

Nice job. I don't think I've ever won a tournament with more than a couple hundred entrants, much less a whole gaggle of free-roll push monkeys.

2/17/06, 10:08 PM  
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