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Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day Weak End

What a weekend it's been. Hard, hot, exhausting physical labor around the Casa del Crack, interspersed with poker.

In a 1/2 hour or so, I will begin what will hopefully be the final stage of getting this place on the damn market. I feel like Lance Armstrong, with the Champs Elysee in my sights. I've just finished the grueling trek through the mountains, and now I can coast to victory. I hope. I may need some doping to get there, though.

On the poker side of things, it was a wild three days. I've been trying to get my Titan bankroll back up to some sort of respectable level, and have so far succeeded. I started with a little over $2.00 in it a few weeks or so ago, and through the Swansea SnGs, and .02/.04, 6-max ring games had brought it up to a very nice $26 on Friday.

Then Saturday came.

I did well to start, playing mostly .02/.04 and winning a few bucks here and there. Bubbled out of a Swansea, cashed in another to hold steady. Just basically break-even poker.

It was about 4:20pm, and I had been working in the yard all afternoon was waiting for Smurfette's call at 4:30pm, when I decided to jump up to .05/.10 and play a few hands and test the waters. I was glad I did. I sat down with $10, and quickly turned it into $18. Mostly because of the following two hands.

1. It was the very first hand I was dealt at the .05/.10 table. I was feeling good, and knew the table a bit from watching them play while I was on the waiting list. I just knew I had this hand, right from the time the flop came down. It was gutsy, but paid off:

Like it said, gutsy. I probably had no business being involved in this hand, but from watching my ppponent earlier, and the way he just checked-called me, I felt I was ahead. Yeah, I pussed out by checking on the river, but had the confidence to call his big bet.

Thoughts? Rants? Congratulatory remarks about how I'm the Braveheart of poker?? Let me know.

The other big hand that paid me off is when I cracked Aces with Kings by rivering a flush. SO. FREAKIN'. LUCKY. It was CJ-like:

Me likey.

Suddenly, the phone rang, Smurfette was on the line, and I had to leave the table. I played nine hands total in about 15 minutes and made $8.00.

I understand that the hands I scored on were abberations, but it felt good to be on the receiving end of those pots, instead of the donation end.

So, I was up to $34 in my Titan bankroll, had a little spring in my step, and decided to go hang out with some friends. We did a little bar hopping through the greater Robbinsdale, MN area and ended up at a vodka bar conntected to a VFW. There was a bachelorette party inside with only 4 girls (and one guy??) in attendance. They were all very crabby, and I'm not sure what was going on, but the bride-to-be looked almost in tears the whole night. Maybe her fiance had cheated on her. With her head as brutal as it was, it seemed like a good bet.

I ended up up getting pretty toasty on Polaner, and hanging out until just before bar close. I got home, cracked me a crisp, refreshing High Life and fired up the computer to check my email.

And Titan. Of course. I had a good buzz on, was feeling great from my earlier scores, I was invincible!

I dronked off my buy-in.

Sure, it was only $5 at a .02/.04 table, but it was still a big chunk of my Titan roll that I'm trying to get up into the, you know, fifties or something.

Pissed doesn't even begin to describe my feelings. I donated almost all of it to a luckbox who called my big pre-flop raise with aces with 87o. He flopped two pair and took more than 1/2 my stack. He was able to crack anything I had. And he finally knocked me out. After every win, he'd do the old 'lol' routine, which tilted me even more.

I went to bed an angry, bitter man.

Sunday was spent working more around the crack den, when I finally hooked up with Mr. Parx, who was playing on Titan as well. I had played a little here and there during the day, actually winning a bit on PokerStars (that NEVER happens to me), and then donating a big chunck on the .02/.04 tables. Again, I couldn't hit a flop. My kings were cracked no less than four times, and I lost a HUGE pot when a short stack went all in vs. my pocket rockets. What did he go in with? 87s. Again, my aces were cracked by 87. This time by a rivered straight.

Tilt. Tilt. Tilt.

Parx joined me at the table and it was up and down. I had fun though. Parx and I have this thing where I'm the obnoxious table bully and he's the quick-witted clown. Half of our conversations were spent talking about his mother's vagina. Good times, good times.

I busted out and rebought once, and Parx busted out of the 6-max and left to concentrate more on his full .02/.04 table, where he was kicking donkeys and taking names. I was left trying to make $7 to get to even (I was down to $3 already from my second $5 buy-in).

I tightened up considerably, and only really played from position unless I had a monster. I didn't want Sunday to be a total loss after all.

Long story short, I left the table with $10.39, both of my buy-ins recouped and a big .39c profit for the day. W00t.

This was the hand that saved me. Again, a luckbox pull out, but this guy had been bullying the table for awhile with trash (any ace in his hand was good...), so I thought I'd take a stab at it:

Not optimal, but it put me up huge.

I've haven't played yet today (Monday), instead coming in and writing snippets for this post and cooling off from the 85+ heat that's out there.

Let's hope when I do that it's not truly a weak end to Memorial Day.


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