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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Days of our Poker Lives

Hey poker babies, Bloody P has had a craaaazeeee week, and I'm FINALLY leaving to visit my family in Wisconsin in a matter of minutes. This means no posting until at least Monday.

Teh poker has been good lately. Very good. I'm way up and have had some fat and juicy pots (LOLOL!!) in both the cash games and the SnG play.

I thought I'd take a couple of minutes and respond to TripJax's excellent query of our poker lives.

Here goes:

1. What is the biggest mistake people make at a NL table?

Pushing with TPTK in a multi-way pot.

2. What is the biggest mistake people make at a Limit table?

Limit is for pussies.

3. Why do you play poker?

To relax, learn the game, make a buck or two, and cathart.

4. If you weren't playing poker, what would you be doing?

Playing with my kids. I should be doing that anyway, shouldn't I?

5. What is your favorite poker book and why?

Harrington on Holdem, because he is the master. Love the problem sections, too.

6. Who is your favorite poker player and why?

I don't really have a favorite. If I had to pick one, I probably say Jennifer Tilly because of the boobatude.

7. Which poker player do you dislike the most and why?

Todd Brunson. Get a fucking haircut and shave that beard down you fat bastard. You make a gazillion dollars playing poker and it looks like you just rolled out from underneath a pissed soaked dumpster in NYC to play a couple of hands of Holdem(no offense to long hairs, and I sport a beard--not a long one though).

8. Do your coworkers know about your blog?

Absolutely not.

9. What is the most you have won in a cash game or MTT (both live and online)?

Since I play such low limits, it really doesn't matter. I won $20 in a sitting in a cash game on Titan once. MTT's? Probably about $15.

10. What is the most you have lost in a cash game or in one day total (both live and online)?

One day total was about $30.00.

11. Who was your first poker blog read?

Scurvey Dog

12. What satisfies you more, your aces holding up for a big pot or a bluff working for a big pot?

Bluff, baby, bluff! It makes the action junkie in me pop wood when I see that sucker lay 'em down.

13. Why do you blog?

To think about my poker game, and create friendships with others who love the game.

14. Do you read blogs from an RSS reader like bloglines or do you visit each blog?

I use (LOVE) Bloglines, but since I'm a comment kinda guy, I usually hit the main site as well.

15. Would you rather play poker for a living than do what you currently do for a living?

NO. I'm a huge pussy and could NOT handle the swings.

16. Do you wear a tin foil hat on occasion?

Is it shaped like a dunce cap? Then, yes.

17. If you had to pin it down to one specific trait, what does a great poker player have (or do) that separates them from an average player?


18. Is Drizz the coolest person on the planet for naming his baby Vegas?

Well, I named my son Wrigley after Wrigley Field, which I thought was pretty fucking cool. But damn, Vegas is awesome.

19. What is your primary poker goal and are you close to accomplishing it?

To learn, learn, learn. And to gradually step up in levels. I believe that I'm getting there, but still have a long way to go.

20. What is your primary online site and why?

Titan and Noble. Titan, because I shill for them, and Noble because it's the same damn thing. Oh, and I win there.

21. What site do you dislike and why?

Stars. It's not that I don't like Stars, I just can never win. EVER. And don't even get me started on those damn Brogger events. -EV for me. I've decided only to hit up Stars to railbird.

Well, that's it, beetches. Off to Sconie!! Have a great weekend and

Play like a champion today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wrigley...awesome..go Cubs !

5/18/06, 4:39 PM  
Blogger TripJax said...

Man, I didn't realize we had Cubs fans among the mix. I'm a Cub dude as well. Man I hope they can pull out of this funk.

Nice job Bloody P. I love the idea for Wrigley as a name. Genius.

5/19/06, 2:36 PM  
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