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Friday, May 12, 2006

Thursday Night Recap

After swinging by a friend's house last night for beers, bison burgers, and boca brats, I came home, painted for awhile and then got itchy for teh pokah.

I fired up Noble, signed up for an SnG, and took it down. So far, so good.

I saw Jordan was on the girlie chat, so I pinged him and he was jonesin' for a hit of some cards, so I took him on a trip into the land of donkeys, AKA the Swansea SnGs on Titan/Noble. I warned him in advance, that these aren't Harrington people. These are people that will take you to the river with any two cards, whether they catch a piece of the flop or not. Jordan won a couple big hands right away with either marginal flop hits or two big cards that he went to town with on low flops. After he won this hand:

He popped up on Yahoo with the succinct and appropriate: "WTF?"

All I could do was laugh. These things are $1.20 to win $4.20 and have helped me chip up my bankroll to a decent level over the past couple of months, to the point where I'm going to jump levels by the end of next week (my bankroll started at about $25).

Long story short, Jordan and I had a last longer bet ($2, twice the buy-in for the tournament), and I won it, getting knocked out in third. I had an M of about -72 and had to push with any two cards. I can't quite recall the hand that knocked Jordan out, but I know it wasn't pretty. So we both sort of sucked it up against the donkeys. C'est la vie.

My favorite part of that tourney was when Jordan raised HUGE against my blinds. I folded and started to flame him in the tourney chat box. He started firing back, and even some guy named "BigDeak" took a couple shots. It was funnier than hell.

Before I knew it was time for the WWdN: Not tourney. It was a blogger bonanza and a damn good time. I like the Not because (no offense to Darval), not that many people show up for it. You'll get 70/80 people at the WWdN, but the Not will bring in roughly 15, so I always feel like I have a shot to get into the money.

But, my results were the same in this beeyotch as they usually are at blogger events: big, fat, fucking, out-of-the-money, your mom has back hair, LOSER.

I know where the hole in my game lies: the chat box. Evil, evil chat box.

Damn, I love me some chat, especially with bloggers. I spend more time reading and responding to what's going on in the lower lefthand corner of the screen, than I do keeping track of my play in the tourney. And I've got the results to prove it.

Sirflexus took me down with KK vs. my TT, and ended up winning the whole thing. *cough*Congrats!*cough*.

After sweating the rest of the table and continuing to chat and binge drink, I noticed Waffles popped onto Yahoo, so I hit him up. He and Veneno were doing the live voice chat thing and invited me into conference.

My laptop has no microphone on it, and I don't have one lying around from my desktop poker machine, so it was a little unnerving to hear these guys talking away and having to type responses. It's really like you're deaf and using sign language when everyone around you is talking away.

At one point I told Waffles that I felt like Helen Keller. He responded by voicechat with probably the funniest and most dead-on impersonation of what I imagine Helen Keller would sound like. Imagine the sound a llama would make by getting taken from behind by an elephant, and you'll get the idea. I was rolling for about 5 minutes straight. Well played, sir.

After sweating Waffles in the $11 rebuy on Stars and watching his JJ run into KK to give him a boot in the ass, it was time for sleep.

All in all, really good and fun night for me. Thanks to all who chatted me up on Yahoo, and for your concern. You all are masters of the universe. Last night really helped keep my mind off of Smurfette and the kids being gone, and gave me a boost after a rough day (hell, rough week).

Have a delicious weekend.


Blogger StB said...

Meatless brat? I will act like I didn't read that.

5/13/06, 12:33 PM  
Blogger Heavy Critters said...

I know. They're actually not that bad.

I've got an eight pack of the real deal in the fridge, and if it'd ever STOP FUCKING RAINING, I'd grill 'em up.

5/13/06, 4:35 PM  
Blogger drewspop said...

Waffles is always good for a laugh, no doubt. Add me to the girly yahoo chat (drewspoppoker) and so helllloooooo.

5/18/06, 3:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4/24/07, 4:04 PM  
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