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Friday, May 26, 2006

Well, HELLOOOO Mr. Washington!

Unlike a certain blogger, I didn't win $9,757.34 last night. Nope. Last night I ended up finishing ahead by one lousy dollar. One smack. Uno dinero. A Washington.

At least I had fun.

After work, I jumped on a .02/.04 NL table and played for a bit. I ended up tanking a bit, and then rallied to go up about .40.

Mr. Parx found me on the girlie chat (by the way, Parx is a master of the 'audibles' on Yahoo IM. Perfectly timed, situation appropriate, and hilarious), so he and I sat down at a poo-flinging Swansea SnG on Titan and played each other (and four other monkeys jumping on the bed).

I ended up taking that one down, even after being outchipped roughly 2-1 when it got to heads up (Monsieur Parx made an unfortunate early exit). I'm getting to be a much better HU player of late. In a multi-handed game, I'm pretty tight-aggressive but will take a risk here and there. When I get HU, I completely switch gears and turn into loose-aggressive boy. And it seems to work. At least at these levels. I can't count the times that I've been a massive chip dog going into heads up, and end up pulling out a win because I'm relentless with my aggression. I think my tight table image throughout the SnG helps with that as well.

Parx and I took a dinner break. I finished eating first, and while I was waiting for him to jump back onto the Barbie chat, I took a stab at two more Swanseas. Not goot. I finished 5th and 3rd. Ugh. I played those two SnG terribly and knew it.

After the SnGs came the great bleeding of 2006. Parx was playing a full table .02/.04 limit cash game and invited me to sit at an open seat. I obliged, bought in for $5, and quickly ended up pissing away about 1/2 of it.

Seriously. Limit. WTF? I just don't understand it. I understand that it's the best way to grind your way to a bonus, but to try to make some money? For me, it's unpossible. There's no real aggression. Sure you can raise and re-raise, but when it's capped, what then? It seems like it's impossible to push people off hands, and it's about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Once I was down to $2.65 left, I jumped ship to a .02/.04 NO Limit table, bought in for $2.65, and started to recoup my losses. Parx came over to join in the fishy fun, and I think he ended up ahead as well. I left the table at exactly $5, the same amount I had started with on the limit table. W00t.

When I signed off of Titan, my cash game profit was at .40, and my SnG profit was at .60, and that's how I ended up a measly $1 winner for the night.

Have a great weekend and go over and congratulate Hoyazo on his big score.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent time. I played for another ill-advised 45 minutes, and battled back another dollar, bringing my loss for the night to a respectable 2.50 or so. After the SNG debacle, and the all-in call of that luckbox, half a sawbuck is none-too-shabby.

Happy Friday!

Mr. P.

5/26/06, 1:06 PM  
Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Hey P,

Thanks for stopping by. You completely head-faked me! It never even occurred to me anyone could pissed at me screwing around! I was almost sputtering "buh...buh...he TOLD me too..."
Fucking Hilarious!
And glad you liked it. Linking you up today too. See ya at WWdN or the Mookie

5/26/06, 9:08 PM  
Blogger Heavy Critters said...


5/27/06, 12:18 AM  
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