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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Dirty Dozen Jackpot Bonanza!

So Titan Poker has these kooky little "Dirty Dozen Jackpot" SnG's. It $2 + .40 to buy in and first place pays $12. Chump change, I know, but I dig the low buy-in and it let's me work and think about my game on the cheap.

Here's the thing about these SnG's. If you place first in four of these bad boys in a row, you get a $2000 bonus blue veined right to your account.

It's doable. My personal best so far is only two, but I also haven't really sat down and tried to work the mojo in a quiet environment. Usually, I'll have the TV on, the cat trying to put its ass in my face, and the BPlings running around like some pre-school version ofLord of the Flies. Let's just say I'm distracted...

I have won four $5 SnG's in a row over at Holdempoker.com, but those cheap bastards don't have any promotions going on, ever(which is why I no longer play there), so the glory was fleeting.

The caliber of players at the DDJ tourneys are pretty bad (worse than me anyway...), and I've slowly built up my meager bankroll by winning or placing second in most of these bad boys (tight/aggressive, me boy).

Here is my question for you, gentle reader:

Would you take 30%-40% (a set amount, no more, no less) of your bankroll and play these things non-stop hoping that you could win four in a row and turn say, $100 into $2048 or more?

I'm thinking about sending the kids to juvie, the wife to the spa, the cat to a Vietnamese restaurant, and sitting on my ass for 10-12 hours on a Saturday and taking a crack at it.

What would you do? And more importantly, WWJD?


Anonymous ragecg said...

Im going to try doing it when my tax $$ gets deposited in the next week hopefully! You frickin know it!

Good luck with it bud!

3/9/06, 5:34 PM  
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