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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Online Gambline Database

Tooling around the web, I see a lot of poker related stuff. I see my peers (and myself) shucking for a lot of stuff on our blogs.

I tend to only write about certain sites that I have used or will actually use in the future.

OGDb is one of the sites that I would recommend for those out there who are looking for a great Online Gambling source.

First off, the thing that initially caught my eye, was the "Accepts U.S." column in their casino rankings. Believe me, I've wasted more time trying to sign up for sites that don't allow U.S. players, so it's nice to have that information front and center.

The second thing I liked was that OGDb actually lets its users submit links that they think will be of use to other people using the site. It’s almost like an Online Gambling collaboration group, which is pretty unique and a great idea.

As it says on their site, OGDb is trying to build a one stop Online Gambling gambling directory to cover all bases.

I think that they're off to a great start, and with collaborative help from its users, could be a major force in the Online Gambling community.


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