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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Gracie's right. I've read a billion "goodbye" blogs, and they're all bullshit. All of them.

Even Daddy, who I consider my Miss Cleo soulmate blogger (never met the man) based on the vulgarity that he spews in print, (that I wouldn't ever write, but instead, just choose to verbalize to the people around me) quit his blog, but eventually came back to fill our worlds with sweet, wonderful perversion.

The past few days, I've seriously been on the worst poker run since I've started playing. I had taken my Full Tilt account from $10 to almost $200 playing micro stakes cash games in about 2 months. I was on fire. I was happy, cocky, and true like an Albanian soldier.

Hell, I took about $80 off of bloggers in cash games in three .10/.25 sessions. I was completely at home.

Then it all went to hell. I couldn't win. Against the worst sort of donkeys. Smack talking-bet the pot with third pair (and hit a set)-I have a double gut shot straight draw (and get there)-donkeys. I seemed to have the second nuts every hand I took to showdown. And we're talking micro....CAPPED. I was on tilt for about 3 days straight.

Thus, my previous post.

I currently stand at roughly $60 in my Full Tilt account. That's a kick to the junk, with another foot seemingly heading straight for the taint.

After my "Au Revoir" post, I did a lot of thinking (thanks to all of you who commented, it sincerely meant a lot)

I thought about poker, about blogging, about everything.

Here's what I came up with:


I consider myself a cash game player. A good, micro cash game player... for the time being. How else could I take my FT account up so high in so little time playing .10/.25? Yes, I r00l. Or whatever.

After losing my brown star to the likes of Arnie from "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", I started to think about my poker strengths. What I started with, how I got to cash games, etc.

It's no secret that I'm a terrible MTT player. I don't have the patience for it. I go on tilt just thinking about sitting in front of this stupid laptop for 3 hours, just for the opportunity to bubble. Which brings me to...

Where did I start? Before I started playing cash games?

SnG's. Straight up $5+.50 SnGs on HoldemPoker.com. And I kicked ass. Much ass, motherfuckers. I built my bankroll playing SnGs.

Do you see where this is going??

Yes. I'm playing $5 SnGs again. On Stars (and one of FT). So far, I've only played four, but have finished 2-1-2-1.

Not. Too. Shabby.

My confidence is sort of coming back, and I'm playing sound, TAG poker. And winning. Or, at least getting in the money. I've been re-reading Harrington, and tonight I went through Phil Gordon's SnG strategy in The Little Blue Book. It's helped. Plus, he's so tall and dreamy...

I'm sure I'll go back to cash games eventually, but I think taking a break and getting out of my comfort zone by playing SnGs and the occasional (profitable) MTT may help my total game overall.


I'm not going to end this blog. I'm far too narcissistic to just let this blog go. I bought the rights to "www.bloodyp.com", for chrissakes.

If I didn't blog about poker and my life, I'd blog about my farts and my cock. It doesn't matter. I just like to talk. Whether I get comments or not (I'm a whore for comments). By the way, I have logged over 30,000 hits since this blog started. Awesome, eh?

I thought I was some sort of blog god until I realized that some messed up perverts were searching for the word "gash" on Google.

Anyway, this is all sort of the same reason I'd never kill myself:

I love me too much.


SoCo and Diet Coke is a killer combination. Not as good as Beam and Diet, but close.

Closed caption to RackPirate: got your email. You rule. Response coming soon. Thanks for the 'chin-up'.


Blogger Wolverine Fan said...

Welcome back. I really missed you.

Try the SitNgos on Absolute, too, if you have an account there and on Thursday nights there is the Shark Poker Tour $200 dollar added MTT which is like a 45 seat SitnGo.

Glad your back.

12/16/06, 3:46 PM  
Blogger Heavy Critters said...

Thanks, man. I don't have an Absolute account, but have considered getting one, just to have another bonus to clear.

12/16/06, 10:23 PM  

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