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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Betting the Purple Nurple

Got an email from Bodog this morning letting me know that I still had $18 sitting in an account there. Two years ago, I did some sportsbooking with a buddy of mine, and did ok. When I listened to him, I won. When I didn't, I lost. He knew what he was doing, I...um...didn't. After the football season, I just forgot about the pittance laying there collecting dust, and vowed never to bet on a football game ever again.

That said, I have placed a wager on tomorrow's Vikings/Bears tilt (SKOL VIKINGS!). The spread is giving the Vikes 9.5 points. I may not be a football or math genius, but sweet baby jebus, that's almost 2 scores! And with Rex Grossmeoutman maintaining the helm of an anemic Bears offense, I like my chances for either a very close game, or an out-and-out win by my boys in purple and gold.

Wish me luck. If I win this bet, I'm downloading the Bodog poker client and taking it for a whirl.


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