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Monday, April 24, 2006

Her Name is Rio

So it's Saturday night. The BeePette and the BeePlings are gone for the evening to hang out with friends and swim. I've got a fridge full of beer, wireless internet on my laptop, some chicken breats and a grill. Oh yes, there's nothing like poker outdoors.

I sat in the backyard and crushed the micro SnGs on Noble for an hour and a half, and decided that I was having such a good run that I'd play one more before going inside to eat.
I clicked on my micro SnG room of choice, registered, and waited for the room to fill.
After a couple of minutes, I checked to see how many people have registered. I looked at the screen and feel a sense of horror (as well as a wet sensation in my pants) as I quickly tapped the "unregister" button mercilessly. Noble informs me that they are so sorry, but registration has ended and my game is going to begin.


Yes, my babies, I accidentally signed up for a Rio tournament. Now, I know that Jordan loves the Rio tourneys on Noble/Titan and they've become his bread and butter, but that $20 + $3 buy-in is a pretty big chunk of my pittance of a bankroll. Also, I had indeed not only wet myself, but shit my pants and vomited as well. All seemingly at the same time.

I put down the beer, closed out all other windows on the poker machine, and FOCUSED. This is not something I do well, as I usually have a baseball game on MLB Radio, Up For Poker on the screen to see if anyone's updated their blogs, the Star Tribune, etc.

But, motherfucker did I focus this time.

I won't bore you with all of the details, but it was a huge sigh of relief when with 5 people left (3 places pay), the chip leader at the table took out two other players simutaneously with the nut flush, leaving three of us (and me with about 600 in chips...). W00T! In the money!

I felt so relieved that I had made the money that I actually typed "Thank You" into the chat box. I went out shortly after that with AQ losing a race to pocket 7's, but I got my buy-in back plus a whole dollar, which was fine by me.

I caught Jordan on his way out the door on the IM to tell my tale. We chatted a bit and then I decided to eat.

Right after I played one more micro SnG, of course. And yes, I quadruple checked to make sure I had registered to the right event. I did, and I finished first.



Blogger TripJax said...

I signed up for a Rio yesterday. First hand I have KK. Guy raises to 200. I push all-in for 1000. He calls with AA. $23 gone in 9.8 seconds. First f'ing hand.

Somehow I didn't steam, but I played some cash games and ended up $54. Nice.

4/24/06, 3:17 PM  
Blogger Heavy Critters said...

OUCH! I'm sorry for your loss. That sucks.

When I played that Rio, I was SCARED money, yo. I played pretty focused poker and think I could have done better than third, but I took a big hit when I lost a big pot with set-over-set. Daaaaayum.

4/24/06, 4:05 PM  
Blogger Jordan said...

"Also, I had indeed not only wet myself, but shit my pants and vomited as well. All seemingly at the same time."

After that line, you should hang up the blog. You can't top that!

Glad to see you moneyed, and thanks for the Noble link.

What micro-tourneys are you playing there? $5 or less? They have $5 Maui 10-p SNGs, where you can get nice bonuses for 5 wins in a row, and $2 Dirty Dozen 12-p SNGs with bonuses for 4 wins in a row.

Whatever the case, I'll join you for one of those micro stakes next chance I can. Take it easy.

4/24/06, 4:25 PM  
Blogger Heavy Critters said...

Sounds good, yo.

And I dabble in the $5 SnGs, but MY bread and butter are the Swansea tourneys. $1 to win $4, it's 6 handed, and I make it in the money almost everytime. I've been able to chip up my bankroll nicely off those.

And the Dirty Dozens.

4/24/06, 6:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is SOOOO Interesting!!!! Y'know, I was playing some pinball the other day and I banked a shot upside my ass and hit the glass and Woooo-eeeee! There were all these nerds on the side playing dungeons and dragons online - I mean, Poker - and I was all - wow. But then I banked a tit shot right up the wazoo and hit double-tilt and made a triple pay on the hot ass. So I shot that one up the kanga and flushed my ass and got a clear shot up the shandy. Bam - wouldn't you know it I funked up the draw on the antsy curve and flamped that up the bunker. I logged off knowing that the nerds of America were still intact - playing poker online.

5/1/06, 10:23 PM  
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