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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ring Around The Rosey

I've got a big sales meeting this afternoon, so I have little time to post.

Thanks for everyone who chimed in yesterday on the "poker as vice" post.

SnG update:

Oh for mutherfreakin' FOUR. Four games, zero cashes. Ouch. As I emailed Jordan earlier, they're micro SnGs, so it's not like I'm pounding nails into my junk bankroll-wise, but it sure hurts the old ego. Especially at these levels. Oh, I might have been a bit of a Dronkey while I played as well. Stupid beer...

I decided that since I was smoking pole on the SnGs, this could mean only one thing: I should sit down at a ring game. Note: I'm not very good at cash games, but once in awhile, if I'm running poorly in the SnGs, I'll take a stab at them for a change of pace.

I found a nice little .02/.04 NL game on Noble (click on the link and give Jordan some love), bought in for $10 and folded away for seven or eight minutes until I find QhJh checked to me in the BB. I consider a raise, but with only two limpers, I call.

Flop comes down AK3 rainbow (one heart). SB checks, I figure I've got a good straight draw and two to a flush, so I bet the pot hoping just to take it down right then. MP folds, SB calls.

Turn is an 8c. SB checks, and I check behind him.

River is a beautiful Td. No flush draws on the board and I've got the nut straight. I bet the pot and the SB pushes his last $7+ into the middle. I insta-call and show the nut straight to his A6o.

And that, kids, is how I made my SnG buy-ins back, plus a couple extra Washingtons to boot.

(Disclaimer: This hand is for the most part accurate. Dollar amounts may be a little off as Jacob Leinenkugel was busy lecturing me on the finer aspects of his Sunset Wheat Ale.)


Blogger Irritable Male Syndrome said...

Ah, Sunset Wheat; it has a little bit of a metallic taste to it, just like their Amber Light did. Not a bad taste, just a little different.

Thanks, now I want a damn beer.

4/20/06, 12:59 PM  
Blogger Heavy Critters said...

Sorry, dude.

The reviews on the Sunset Wheat has been mixed. I love it, but my buddy who loves most Leinie's beers, think it takes like armpit.

I wish I could drink in my cube...

4/20/06, 1:23 PM  

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