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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


All good things must come to an end, I suppose, and the S&M dominatrix that is Mistress Variance put a leather Mexican wrestling mask on my head, an orange ball in my mouth, then bent me over the poker table and sodomized me with a pool stick.

I was running hot. REALLY hot. So hot that I almost got afraid to play in fear of breaking the streak. Eight first or second finishes in a row is pretty damn good, even at low levels.

So, after reading Jordan yesterday, and listening to him get all worked up about the Rio tourneys on Noble (same network as Titan) I decide to take a crack at the Dirty Dozen SnGs on Titan yesterday. After all, they've got to be TONS softer at a $2 buy-in than a $20 buy-in, right?

Eeez not so goot.

I got bounced fairly quickly when my kings were crack by 89h who rivered a flush against my all-in (after 3 back-and-forth reraises). Seriously, who pushes with 89h??

I tilt a little bit and decide just to play some short-handed SnGs. After all, I had excelled at them and could legitimately continue my streak of cashes in short-handed SnG play.

I played four:


ONE out of four in the money. Terrible. Disgusting. Vomitous.

I attribute it to bad cards, bad flops, and a some bad play on my part. It seems like when you get confident you can just as easily cross that thin line and get overconfident, thinking that your K4o checked from the BB is going to hold up on an K29AQ board. Bad donkey! Bad donkey! At least I didn't push.

I've fallen back to earth, but plan on letting my wings heal up so I can make another run at the sky.


Blogger TripJax said...

I was stuck on DD's for a while, but prefer the Rio's...

I prefer winning to so when I hit a rut I found something else...

4/18/06, 2:41 PM  
Blogger Heavy Critters said...

I'll try the Rio's once my bankroll can handle it. A couple non-cashes in the Rio's and I'm hosed bankroll-wise.

I'm basically trying to grow this badboy from scratch.

4/18/06, 3:36 PM  
Blogger CC said...

You should just win every one like yesterday then you'll have no bankroll problems.

4/18/06, 6:43 PM  
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