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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Aim Is True

  • 13:09 How much do you guys generally charge for a text link on your blogs? #
  • 13:44 @Iggylicious: Why bad form? #
  • 14:22 @metsfan: Robin Yount #
  • 14:26 @metsfan: Your guys are KILLING the Crew! #
  • 14:37 @metsfan: Well, you've got a 6 run cushion, unless the Brewers bats come alive, you should be ok. #
  • 20:15 Mitt Romney is such a tool. He looks more like George Hamilton than George Hamilton. #
  • 20:29 Huckabee brings up race. You stay classy, Gomer. #
  • 20:42 It's awesome how the GOP just plain lies to suit its purposes: Biden got less votes as a Prez candidate than Palin did in her mayoral race? #
  • 20:55 Hilarious that the kid that knocked up Palin's daughter got a "military" cut before coming into the convention. He was shaggy earlier today. #
  • 20:56 OK folks, prop bet: How long before Giuliani says "September 11"? #
  • 21:02 @good43: Did he say percentage? I thought he said votes. My good friend Keith Olbermann backed up what I heard. #
  • 21:02 @RamaRama: LOL. Push! #
  • 21:10 OK Rudy, McCain has only been a Senator as well and has no "executive" experience. Sounds like it should be the Palin/McCain ticket, no? #
  • 21:17 16 minutes from beginning of Rudy's speech until he mentioned 9/11. Pretty good for him. #
  • 21:27 @RamaRama: Yes. You will get a vial of @BobbyBracelet's semen for your effort (hear that ladies?). #
  • 21:28 Rudy is confusing the media and the Democrats. Now he's ripping of Cuomo's 'city on the hill' speech. #
  • 21:36 OK, crewcut was her son. He looks scared. #
  • 21:38 I keep thinking Palin's going to tell me about a great lutefisk recipe she has. It's the voice. "Oh yaaaaa? How's it goin' eh?" #
  • 22:00 @good43: They said votes, I'm going with what they said. #
  • 22:02 Palin had me at "hello", but now that the (untruthful) attacks have begun, she's lost me. Palin best watch her back for Biden. He's coming. #
  • 22:03 I do have to say that Palin is doing waaaay better than I thought she would. Big ups to illegitimate baby gramma. #
  • 23:27 OK. Good speech. McCain coming out at the end almost ruined it with that terrible fake smile of his. Let her have her moment. #
  • 23:28 Really sad that my political arch nemesis @Easycure didn't come out and play tonight. Miss you, boo. #
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