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Friday, August 29, 2008

My Aim Is True

  • 08:26 Don't be surprised if John McCain loses the election. The fact is, about half of the voters don't believe his is best for the job. #
  • 08:28 @Easycure: I have doubts about John McCain - the candidate. #
  • 08:40 @Easycure:So you're saying: why don't we shun the notion of change, and stick with the failed, corrupt politics of the last 8 years instead? #
  • 08:54 @Eascure: THE LAST 8 YEARS HAVE BEEN GREAT? Remove the GOP microchip, man. Obama's no "savior",but he can get the US back on track. #
  • 09:04 @Easycure: You just summed up the whole of the GOP philosophy: "I <not WE> have certainly prospered." Self above others at all costs. #
  • 09:06 @good43: Very good point. Obama has double digit leads in almost every poll in Oregon. #
  • 09:14 @Easycure: Debate over. Realizing that there is no talking to you. Off to the liberal empire of Minnesota for the weekend. #
  • 09:14 "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people." #
  • 09:30 @Easycure: Thanks, man. Enjoy the long weekend! #
  • 09:51 Pretty inspired pick by McCain. Gonna try to get the Hillary supporters. #
  • 21:53 @RamaRama: I'm in NE and pretty drunk. #
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