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Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Aim Is True

  • 08:15 @good43: You can always ignore the friend request. #
  • 16:32 Working from home is awesome, but I NEED TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!! #
  • 16:58 @NumbBono: Looking forward to the ultimate donkfest tonizzle! #
  • 19:42 @metsfan: www.yeswecarve.com #
  • 20:30 Ready to donk it up in the Dime Tourney! #
  • 21:32 @DeadMoneyInc: You have a SICK lead, yo. Nice work. #
  • 22:16 Norm Coleman R-MN: "If I lose this seat, and one party has control across the board, then you'll see changes". Isn't that sorta the point?? #
  • 22:47 "One Republican in the private sector was shocked to get calls and resumes in the past few days from senior McCain aides"-Politco. OUCH. #
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