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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Vegan213 Has Had Some Success

Since Hoyazo seems to only allow comments that praise his brilliance or that throw softball questions at him ("did you put him on the flush there?"), I thought I'd keep it real and post what he denied putting up in his comments section:

Looks like Vegan213 has had some success.

Click on that link and look down to the right to see "Largest Recent Scores".

Yeah, he's done pretty damn well.

Do I think him stalking Hoy during an MTT for four hours is normal and/or funny and/or cool?


Do I think that people moderating their comments to make themselves look good and and smart and totally-awesome-no-really-I-am and not let the general readership give their 2 cents or a different take on things is a really stupid, self-absorbed thing to do?

Hellz yeah.

And don't give me that spam bullshit. You can erase spam if you want to, Stalin.

End rant.


Edit: I think Fuel might want to do a little shopping here.


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