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Saturday, September 29, 2007


May I introduce you to my newest, totally BFF, like, favorite band of the moment?

Please check out Racingpaperplanes. They are like, so totally rad, I can't take it. Acoustic-based alt-country at its finest

Here are some songs I found on the internet tubes that you can download (download, unzip and voila! 15 tunes for you to orgasm over):



Blogger racingpaperplanes said...

Thanx for spreading the music!


9/30/07, 7:05 AM  
Blogger Heavy Critters said...

Anytime! I love the music.

I bought self Sleep Service a little while ago on iTunes.

9/30/07, 5:38 PM  
Blogger racingpaperplanes said...

Nice! Check out myspace.com/racingpaperplanes and myspace.com/richardwilsondemos for more info and songs...



9/30/07, 5:41 PM  

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