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Friday, April 27, 2007

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I've decided (a la J Dawg 69 aka Lucious Lips aka IHOP) that I'm a MUCH better live poker player than online player.

Tonizzle, for instance I played two NLHE tourneys. Top 3 paid.

The first tourney I finished fourth after being short stack three hands in...(don't axe).

The second tourney I finished...first (KTo beat A3o when a ten hit the flop).

Profit pour moi? $40 for 3.25 hours or so of work.

I have needs here people, and not just sexual ones.

I need to read the board, people's reaction to the board, tha pizzeeps reaction to a raise or re-raise, peeps reaction when I scoop a mongo pot my way and they sit there in silence while cursing the day they raised with 3rd pair/bad kicker.

Online, I'm ok. I'm pretty much a break-even player.

Live? I'm a freakin' T-Rex, and everyone else is an unknowing chicken.


Blogger Jordan said...

Hell yeah, brother! The live poker revolution is here, beyotches!

-Delicious Chips

4/27/07, 11:20 AM  
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