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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Insert Witty Title Here

So, it's been awhile. Drama at work + drama at home - zero comments on anything I've written lately = lack of posting.

I've been playing quite a bit of live poker lately, and have been consistently pulling out monster suckjobs. Live poker is rigged.

I played the "Bowling Alley" SnG game last Saturday and ended up dropping 3 consecutive buy-ins to absolutely terrible players who played Gus Hansen style, except without the knowledge of the game. I evened up the last game when I finished second in the final game I played (Queens no goot to AJ). I was thinking about staying and trying to get ahead, but was frustrated, buzzed up on High Life, and just plain ready to get away from the country music that was blasting overhead.

Thursday night I played a great home game in Milwaukee. 10 players, great structure with one rebuy, and my favorite part--great conversation. It's mostly an attorney game, with a strongman contest winner, a financial advisor, and a laundry salesman (me) thrown in for good measure.

The last time I played this game, I cleaned up. Taking first place, and making a bunch of strangers wonder "who is this poker god in our midst?". Believe me, these fellas can play, and I was on my game that night. A couple of suckouts didn't hurt either.

This past Thursday, I played tight/aggressive poker and doubled up when when I cracked AA with quad kings. I kept playing tight until the blinds got to steal-or-be-stolen levels, and everyone started loosening up considerably. I also knocked out the host of the game when he pushed with A2o and I called with A9c. But they were sooooooted! He kept talking about it like it was a bad beat, but he was short stacked and I knew that he would push pretty much with any paint or any ace. When he pushed, I called and prayed that my kicker was better. It was. Risky move, yes. But it kept me plowing ahead. Sorry, Jerod!

I managed to keep myself out of the money when I was looking to knock my buddy Josh out to get into the top three, and the bling-bling. Josh had me covered and pushed. I looked down to see A6d. After pondering for awhile and trying to figure out what he would push with, I decide to call.

Super Ultra Neon Donkey move by me, but it was time to take some chances. He flips JJ, I don't find my ace and IGHN. One spot from the money.

Well worth it, though. Four hours of slinging cards, drinking beer, and chilling out with good company is a good ROI even if I didn't get into the top three spots.