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Sunday, August 03, 2008

My Aim Is True

  • 10:15 @good43: Classic. Posted it at heavycritters.tumblr.com. #
  • 15:29 Anyone ever get any work from Elance? #
  • 16:47 @RamaRama: I'm moving back to Minneapolis just to attack you with a mannequin leg...Lucky SOB. #
  • 21:00 @RamaRama: Until you've seen my balls, everything you just said is hyperbole. #
  • 21:01 @fouronionrings: Baseball interest? YOU??? Must prepare for the end of the world. #
  • 21:13 Marveling at how many times @fouronionrings has been "meh" about baseball. I just thought you didn't pay attention until fantasy league. #
  • 21:20 @RamaRama: I will find you and teabag you until you agree to chill over beers. Actually, looking at houses now. #
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