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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Close, But No Cigar

Missed the money, but I am still proud of my showing in the Hammer Day Tourney. Usually I'd have finished right around 75th place. Middle of the pack...that's me.

Every. Single. Blogger. Tourney

Tonight, I got 8 places from the money. Sucks that I didn't get the bling, yes, but at least I'm showing improvement in my MTT play.

Oh, and I had a blast. Nothing like playing with bloggers. You mother fathers.

I dropped the hammer early and won a fairly good sized pot; dropped the velvet hammer just after the first break and won a decent pot, then...card dead. No hammers whatsoever.

Happy Hammer Day, to all, and to all a goot night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehe...being so close is always the most disappointing, at least for me. You play for hours and have nothing to show for...on the upside though, in an event like the Hammerpalooza (TM) *lol* every minute spent is usually gold as you can chat and have fun even meeting new people with a love for the game. I sure enjoyed playing with you at that first table...too bad my visit was short-lived...but that's just the way it goes sometimes...

See you at the tables in future brogger events I guess?!

2/11/07, 5:01 PM  

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