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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Aim Is True

  • 09:37 @Easycure: I used FT Bank Transfer a couple of months ago. Took two weeks. No hassles whatsoever. #
  • 10:56 @Easycure: Anytime. Good luck! #
  • 13:31 Still haven't unsubscribed to the City of Minneapolis' Recycling Reminder. I haven't lived there in 2 1/2 years... #
  • 15:16 Realizing I'm about 1/2 a step away from REALLY getting into bluegrass. #
  • 15:56 RT @paulandstorm: The evidence is incontrovertible: Christian Bale is Kermit the Frog. xrl.us/BaleFrog #
  • 16:41 Streaming the new Ben Kweller album. Country-fried. Good stuff. is.gd/ihBM #
  • 20:11 @Gamblingblues: Thank you for that. Now I know what to give my kids before bedtime. #
  • 21:56 GOP getting impatient w/Obama after 2 weeks: is.gd/hUfk . REALLY?? REALLY??? Check this from the past 8 years: is.gd/ijfm #
  • 22:08 Congrats to Neil Gaiman for winning this year's Newbery Medal. Twin Cities represent! #
  • 22:29 @Easycure: At least our guy will admit he "screwed up". Until his last day in office, he couldn't think of one thing he did wrong. FAIL. #
  • 22:32 @Easycure: Also, you really think that W finishing daddy's business and taking thousands of American lives was worth it? There were no WMDs #
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