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Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Poker Content

Full Tilt has become the new "River Stars".

I have never been more fucked over on the river in my life as I have tonight. I got knocked out THREE CONSECUTIVE SnG's (AS THE FAVORITE) ON THE RIVER.

Oh? What's that? Why was I knocked out? Was I the short stack?

Why yes I was. Because I was FUCKED on the river...

Fuck Full Tilt.

To the following: Please get the nut cancer and/or AIDS and die:

Annie Duke (you're not that good...)
Phil Ivey
Phil Gordon
That Gowen chick with the bad skin and killer body
Michael Craig (he can get both cancer and AIDS and then find out he's going to lose a his legs to diabetes. Oh, and he may or may not be the ugliest man alive)
Howard Ledererererererererererererer
Chris Ferguson

When I'm in heaven, and you all are in hell, I will laugh and laugh when you beg me for just a drop of water to touch your tongue.

The answer will always be

"NO! You want a drink? Go to the RIVER!"

And you can't, because the river has run dry.


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