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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Again, as Obama wins Wisconsin and his 9th amazing victory in a row.

Yes. We. Can.

And we can, you know. Yes we can break free from the political hold that has had this nation living in fear for 7 years. Yes we can cast our vote for someone who won't use gestapo tactics to push an agenda in the name of freedom. Yes we can stand up and let our voices be heard. Yes we can look at ourselves idealistically. Yes we can think that we are bigger than we are. Yes we can feel confident as Americans again. Yes we can believe that people are people are people even though "you" are different than "I" am.

Yes we can believe in hope, through change, again.

Yes. We. Can. Yes. We. Can. Yes. We. Can. Yes. We. Can.


Blogger Parx said...

I can't believe you joined the cult. No I Can't.


2/20/08, 11:24 AM  

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