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Friday, January 11, 2008

NOT a Paid Advertisement

If you want to blog, Twitter or remind yourself of things remotely by a toll free number, check out Jott.

I've been using it all day, and it's kick ass.

Seriously, it's awesome. See for yourself.

Note: This site is fully endorsed by me, the P. I was not paid.

Unless otherwise noted, any review or props given to a product/website on this blog is freely given by me because I think it is totally bitchin'.


Blogger Parx said...

You damned dirty sellout. I can barely see the letters I'm typing for all the bourbon and gingers, but you should know i really have no idea what jott is, or twitter. It just all sounds so wrong.

-Mr. Parx

1/12/08, 9:30 PM  
Blogger Heavy Critters said...


At least I hope you can appreciate my new header!

Twitter, Jott, etc. is total techno-nerd-com.

And I sort of love it.

Give it a shot, and you'll be hooked.

You on Full Tilt???

1/12/08, 10:28 PM  

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