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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mi Online Casino Portal

So, I've been a lot of reviews of online casino and gambling sites, and I stumbled upon Mi Online Casino Portal.

I like it, and I like it a lot.

The cool thing about Mi Online Casino Portal us that they're not just limited to video poker, slots, bingo, etc. Sure, they do a great job of finding the best spots to sign up for those sorts of games, but they also include reviews of my personal gambling passion: POKER!

Mi Online Casino Portal has an exhaustive list of online poker rooms that you can access and, as they do with their casino reviews, they tell you what the sign up bonus is for every. single. site. Pretty nice. I took the time to compare and contrast a bunch of the poker sites and their bonuses and figured out which one I'm going to sign up for.

I also like that they've partnered with individual site to give even better bonuses than a lot of the casino and poker sites give individually. Nice move. The casinos and poker rooms get revenue, Mi Online Casino Portal gets revenue, and most importantly: YOU GET TO GAMBLE!

Overall, I'd highly recommend Mi Online Casino Portal if you're looking to find good places to gamble and really great deposit bonuses.


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