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Friday, October 19, 2007


This blog is in transition.

As my four readers can see from the past few posts, it isn't a poker blog in the true sense.

I loves me some poker, I loves me some baseball.

I also loves me some music, football, family, entertainment, cooking, drinking, and (of course) flatulence.

This blog is going to be a cornucopia of "stuff". Two parts poker mixed with two part sports sifted into 3 parts everything else.

Whether or not I change the name from "Back Alley Mugging" is yet to be determined. Love the name, just not sure it fits with everything else.

I have decided that I am also going to take my kids for a car ride without car seats, make a sex tape, collect Barbies, eat nothing but Lean Cuisine, pretend that I'm Charles Nelson Reilly, and change my wardrobe to nothing but leather chaps coupled with an orange ball in my mouth.

I hope you like.


Blogger TripJax said...

"Good luck with all that..."

10/20/07, 4:27 PM  
Blogger StB said...

Damn! I thought it was going to become a site dedicated to Charles Nelson Riley!

10/24/07, 8:58 AM  

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